VMWare vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) 5.0 installation “no DEFAULT or UI” on boot

When attempting to boot from the VMWare vSphere Hypervisor installation CD, it stopped at the syslinux boot screen complaining about “No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found” and shows only “boot:” prompt.

The solution is simple, type the following in the prompt:
mboot.c32 -c boot.cfg

which is found in isolinux.cfg.

Seems like the bootloader is expecting syslinux.bin and syslinux.cfg instead of the isolinux pair in the CD. Alternatively, you may rename the files and create another CD/USB.

13 thoughts on “VMWare vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) 5.0 installation “no DEFAULT or UI” on boot

  1. tengo el mismo problema, pero no funciona.
    en el archivo isolinux.cfg. agregue lo indicado (mboot.c32-c boot.cfg) de esta manera, no se si esta bien, supongo que no ya que no me funciona

    default menu.c32
    prompt 0
    menu title UNetbootin
    timeout 100

    label unetbootindefault
    menu label Default
    kernel /ubnkern
    append initrd=/ubninit

    label ubnentry0
    menu label @PRODUCT@ @VERSION@
    kernel /ubnkern
    append initrd=/ubninit

    label ubnentry1
    menu label ^Install or upgrade an existing system
    kernel /isolinux/vmlinuz
    append initrd=/isolinux/initrd.img

    label ubnentry2
    menu label Install system with ^basic video driver
    kernel /isolinux/vmlinuz
    append initrd=/isolinux/initrd.img xdriver=vesa nomodeset

    label ubnentry3
    menu label ^Rescue installed system
    kernel /isolinux/vmlinuz
    append initrd=/isolinux/initrd.img rescue

    label ubnentry4
    menu label ^Memory test
    kernel /isolinux/memtest
    append initrd=/ubninit -

  2. Hi, Thanks for your kindly suggestion and solution.Actually,I have not yet tried by your suggestion.But If your solution worked , Could you tell me please why that problem occurs ? Other machine, I have not faced that problem.For my notebook, I seen that problem.Please may I know the differences of those two result.

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